Tough Choices: Running Away to a Circus, Abbey, or Cave…

The week leading up to vacation almost did me in.  The week before the week leading up to vacation was even worse!  This is the evidence I’ve long been seeking that my destiny is to either run away and join the circus, convert to catholicism and become a cloistered nun, or live in an internet enabled cave.

Everything is better with Monty Python. Even running away.

If joining a circus is the life for me, then it has to be Cirque du Soleil, and that’s pretty much out of the question.  I’m not sure if I can touch my toes anymore, let alone twist into a pretzel and fly across an auditorium.  A traditional circus wouldn’t have me because I’d be the one cheering for the rampaging elephants and trainer-eating big cats.  Being a ticket taker due to lack of skills, at either circus, ruins my whole story and is unacceptable.

Just. Say. No.

To. Animals.

In. The. Circus.


(Actually, say no to all animals in entertainment, if you would, not just the circus.  Thanks.)

Cirque du Soleil then… Reminds me of the joke about the dog licking his own junk, just because he could. Hey! I think I know why Cirque performers always seem so happy!

Cloistered nunnery or cave.  I’m already down to a mere two choices.  It might be bread and water at the Abbey, but at least I won’t have to hunt for the bread myself.  Maybe a hot monk will serve me my bread and water,

Tried to find a hot monk by googling “Hot Monk” but only got some supermodel and lots of stereotypical unattractive, yet happy, spiritual-type monks. Here’s a swimming monk instead. (Kenrick Monk)

or maybe I’ll be hallucinating from all the peace and quiet and the hot monk would actually be Sister Mary (insert name that conjures large, unclean, scary looking man).  Does it matter?  Sister Mary Man’s Name will take me under her silent wing and show me how to take my introversion to a new level.

Sister Mary Man’s Name likes to roller skate. So do I! We’re already almost BFFs that never speak to one another.

In the meanwhile, I’m on vacation.  It’s Day 4, depending on how you count.  I was going to post about the week leading up to vacation, but that’s old news.

What that really means is I have no idea what we did, and I no longer care, either.

Cave FTW! Here’s what my new cave looks like on the outside.

Here’s my cave from the inside. Lots of room for my IT team.

Next Up:  Vacation Blogging


  1. Deb Porter said,

    June 17, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    I don’t see the hot tub in the cave. Need more pics 🙂

  2. kita said,

    June 20, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    Wish I could say that cave is already taken. Why did my autocorrect change that to “cafe?!” No fair, I wanted the cave!!!

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