“He was a little sassy today.”

Before his beloved violin teacher could get much further, N jumped in with his thoughts on the matter.

“There are four reasons I was grumpy today.   1) I didn’t get my full time at MRU (homeschool group).   2) I am thirsty.  3) I am hungry.  4) I didn’t get enough sleep last night.  Oh, and number 5 is that my thumb felt weird which distracted me and I made mistakes.”

I am shocked he didn’t say something about how we make him sleep in the backyard and hunt for his own food.  I’m not sure why his thumb felt weird, though he did complain about it for hours after hitchhiking home from violin. 

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How Awesome Is It?

We’re homeschoolers with most of our educational eggs in the unschooling basket.  The unschooling philosophy is what works for us, though I resisted for a good year before I realized all of our best days and biggest breakthroughs have been on the days when we relax and follow our bliss.  Tonight, for instance, my four year-old, who we’ll call “E”, wanted to play cards with me.  He was quite disappointed when I opened up a generic alphabet deck.

“Dang it!  I wanted cards with aces and jacks!”

So we proceeded to play around with the cards and he worked very enthusiastically on some great four letter words.  I strongly believe that it’s never too early to work on the four letter words!

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Hello world!

New year = new blog.

I actually started a blog on another site, but haven’t updated or even visited it in over 6 months.  There were some very thought provoking posts relating to my family and homeschool life, which are lost to us forever…because I can’t remember where they are!  I could troll through my e-mail archives and hopefully discover my former blog’s address, but that would be like a bad digital episode of A&E’s “Hoarders”.  Thousands and thousands of unread messages are mixed in with notes from friends, and every newsletter from every museum within 500 miles from the last two years—amongst other spam and whatnot.  All that’s missing is a 4 foot pile of poopy adult diapers in the “trash” and twenty cats pooping all over my inbox.

Besides, my old blog was a total a$$hole.  I’m glad it’s gone.

So, here I am…turning over a new leaf.  I don’t care that it’s because I can’t find my old leaf.  If you were homeschooling two boys like mine you wouldn’t be able to find your leaf either.