“He was a little sassy today.”

Before his beloved violin teacher could get much further, N jumped in with his thoughts on the matter.

“There are four reasons I was grumpy today.   1) I didn’t get my full time at MRU (homeschool group).   2) I am thirsty.  3) I am hungry.  4) I didn’t get enough sleep last night.  Oh, and number 5 is that my thumb felt weird which distracted me and I made mistakes.”

I am shocked he didn’t say something about how we make him sleep in the backyard and hunt for his own food.  I’m not sure why his thumb felt weird, though he did complain about it for hours after hitchhiking home from violin. 

Thirsty?  Hellooo?  It’s winter!  There is snow everywhere!  No need to go thirsty with all that ready water sitting around just waiting to be set free from its crystalline prison.  pshaw.

We really struggle with attitude around here.  The good news is that it’s genetic, on the f-u verymuch chromosome, so we all understand each other.  I don’t like talking on the phone because the relative anonymity makes my head explode and I start barfing out whining, snarling complaints.  My husband, Jeff,  has a bad attitude because I don’t cook, clean, grocery shop, talk nicely to him, do my fair share…  Hmm…  I also spend too much money.

N is making a lot of great strides, but sometimes he spins his wheels in everything that is wrong and gets stuck there.  I’m really proud of him for trying so hard though.  He is an amazing, goofy kid.

E actually has a great attitude most of the time.  I hope he keeps that up because he’s the glue that holds our disgruntled band together.  I truly believe that.  I just have to say his bossiness is worrisome.  For a four year old kid, he has mad skills in the bossy arts.

In the meanwhile, N is quite enthusiastic about his innovative plan to heat up drinking snow on a make-shift Hibachi grill…built from an abandoned bird feeder, shepard’s hook, soup can and random yard debris.  I think that’s a lot of progress in thinking positive!

What, you didn’t think I was joking about him sleeping in the backyard, did you?

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  1. Melvin A. Fought said,

    January 12, 2010 at 11:31 pm

    Tell the boys, I saw two rabbits in the back yard fighting. Never saw that before. They looked like kangaroo’s, only smaller. Hey N, I know how distracting a thumb can be. I’ve had that feeling a few times myself. Usually right after hitting it with a hammer while trying to drive a nail.

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