5000 Words Worth on Wednesday

Today I’m just going to post a few pics…  Enjoy! 

Great friends... (E far left and standing. N in red pants.)

Be afraid! E is on the loose!

Sweet Child of Mine

E (red pants, black shirt) seems to be levitating.


Later that night N had Cub Scouts and a trash clean-up service project.  (I almost can’t stop myself from straightening his hat.  AR much?)

It was a busy day…Physics, Playground, Zoo, Mastadon Bones, Sunken Garden, Cub Scouts…  For many in our party the highlight was the defecating tortoise at the zoo.  Good times! 

N loved the peacefulness of the sunken garden.  E was excited to see a big log near the “scenic overlook” for elk.   But of course.

What do you think about things?

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