Take Your Spawn to Work on Earth Day

Jeff’s company put together a cool program for “Take Your Child to Work Day” and not a single explosion or workplace fatality resulted while N was on the premises!  Yeah!  E and I played on a lot of playgrounds and enjoyed our Earth Day together…  Pictures and video follow!

Gowning up...

N...All Gowned Up!

E--chillin' with dad at N's first Little League practice.


E the Swinger!

First at bat for N…

N in the not-so-ready position.

(E and I went to the park while N and Jeff did their thing for “Take Your Child to Work” day.  E was pretty jazzed about showing off his “I worship the ground you walk on” shirt, which he chose specifically to honor Earth Day.  In this video he compares how far the ball rolls down each slide, how it swings, and how it rolls down the tree.)


Thursday was a monumental day for father-son business with Jeff and N.  After going to work with his dad, N got to go to the sports store to pick out his first pair of cleats, baseball pants, mitt, batting gloves and bat.  Later in the afternoon he had his very first Little League practice.

E can’t wait until he’s old enough to do the things his big brother gets to do.  I don’t think he’s all that impressed with being four, and all the age discrimination that is perpetrated against his fellow four year-olds. 😦

What do you think about things?

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