It’s a Wonderful Life!

E is a kid who likes to celebrate.  He likes to get excited about stuff and get mired in the details of things he enjoys. There is a reason Jeff tagged him as our Enthusiast…he’s quite Enthusiastic when he chooses to be.

There’s always that caveat.  He is, after all, a Beeler.  We are a mercurial bunch.

Yesterday I got the mail.  It’s a bi-monthly celebration Jeff and I enjoy…weekly, even, if we’re feeling really wild.  The mailbox was chock full of magazines and catalogs.  Toy catalogs.  E is on a cloud, sitting next to me this very second, poring over every single page.  He’s also sharpening pencils and coloring in his fingertips and leaving fingerprints all over the catalogs.  He’s happy.

How do I know he’s happy?  He told me so this morning at Subway (sorry Jeff) while we were waiting for someone else to make our lunches for later.

“I have the best life ever!  We went roller skating yesterday, Five Guys french fries and Paul McCartney tickets!”

Mind you, these things happened over the course of four months, not all yesterday.  We like to pace ourselves.

Then today with the toy catalogs and, wait for it, holiday wreaths are already hanging in Evanston.  He is beside himself.

Forgotten is the simmering annoyance over stores that already have their Christmas wares on sale.

“Christmas?  *Really*?  It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!!”

Yesterday we had a little snow.  Today we have toy catalogs.  Thanksgiving Schmanksgiving.  Forget the turkey (yes, let’s)…E is ready to cut down the tree in our yard and drag it inside himself.

Happy Friday!  I hope you are having as good a day and life as E is.  🙂

What do you think about things?

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