“I wish you all were dead!”

How’s that for drama?

Last Wednesday I had a friend over for coffee, though I forgot to tell N and E that she was there as *my* friend.  She and I tried really hard to chat, but they both wanted to hang out with her too.  The boys had a lot of important topics to cover, including showing her their favorite LEGO sets and suchlike.  E really wanted me to show the Eiffel Tower, which I badly damaged in transit and he delighted in telling everyone about.  Some people say they run into doors to cover abuse…and some people really run into doors.

So, after all the Indiana Jones sets were reported on and *our* friend made her escape home, N told me the funniest thing (in a *not* funny way) I’ve heard in a LONG time.  He just blurted that when he was taking horseback riding lessons he commented in class that one of the horse’s names reminded him of an Indiana Jones character–and his instructor muttered under her breath, “I wish you all were dead!”

Uhhh…Excuse me?

Horseback riding lessons ended in October and he’s just telling me this now?  Then he said, “I guess you’re going to write an angry letter about this?”  I couldn’t stop laughing!  N was really curious why I was laughing so hard, and I would have loved to have an answer for him.  This riding instructor was an awful person and we weren’t sad to see the last of her, but would she say something that terrible?  N says he is “100% sure” that’s what she said.  I don’t even know of anything that sounds like that to mis-hear the words.

I can’t wait until next month when he tells me he saw our neighbor bury a dead body in their flower beds last June.  He has a phenomenal memory.  Timing?  Not so much.

What do you think about things?

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